Stella’s Story

Stella’s long-term goal is to enrol on to Nursing related courses at college to better her career prospects, however, she does not hold the minimum requirements of Maths and English. Stella wanted to take steps to gain confidence in working with numbers and to give her the motivation to progress onto further learning. She also wanted to develop confidence in working in a team and by doing a few Multiply courses here at First Choice Homes enabled Stella to come out of her comfort zone and speak to people she would not necessarily have spoken to before. 

Here is what Stella had to say about the Multiply courses she attended:

“I just want to say a big thank you for doing the 2 Multiply courses with me for cost of living and budgeting. I learnt a lot and appreciated your time with me. I really enjoyed learning the pareto principle for the 80:29 rule and then learning how to workout percentages manually which I have never done before, and your method was easy for me understand. 

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